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Welcome to The Mystic Hobbies BBS, a division of The Hobby Line Internet which specializes in Web Design and Web Hosting and The Hobby Line! BBS, home to HobbyNet.

HobbyNet is a small FTN echomail network set up by Mike Dippel to support Sysops who want to provide hobby-related topics for their users.

Please check it out by clicking: HERE

There are info packets available there if you wish to join.

The Mystic Hobbies Bulletin Board Service offers 100% free access and allows users to chat online, download files, access the message forums, and play online games.

We carry several networked conferences including: HobbyNet, BluesNet, fsxNet and Fidonet.

Let us design and host your website.  We have been in the business for over 30 years.

If you want to trace your family history and need a quality website, please call
(954) 895-4638 or fill out a request form at Request Form.

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Running a BBS has long been a hobby of mine.

Please, enjoy my hobby with me!

It is totally free!

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